MBA 2013 -2Meet Senior Paralegal/Mediator Marilyn Adkins

Marilyn was the first on her father’s side of the family to go beyond a 32 person high school in a small town on the Western Slope of Colorado. She is also a fourth generation Colorado native on both sides of her family, and the oldest of 7 children. Marilyn’s father had small businesses for most of his adult life, in which Marilyn assisted him from her early teens on. This set the stage for the same type of background for Marilyn, when she owned and managed several small businesses herself as a young adult, married and had two children, which have now blossomed into a total of 5 grandchildren. She took in several grossly abused foster children, helping them regain their health and confidence. Marilyn graduated from the University of Denver in 1967 with a B.A. in sociology and psychology. She returned to the University of Denver’s Law School, graduating in 1982 with a law degree. She was immediately made a partner with her former attorney employer, and practiced in family law, personal injury litigation and estate planning for many years. Marilyn always enjoyed alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and took extensive training in mediation.

Marilyn took a hiatus for several years when she was seriously ill and no longer practices law. Having regained her health, Marilyn joined a fellow school mate from law school, John Phillips, and has been with the Phillips Law firm since 2003. She primarily does research, drafting of documents, and mediation at this time, and hopes to work to a ripe old age. After all, she says, “most of the women in her family have lived to between 94 and 104 years old.” Marilyn plays piano, ‘cello and pipe organ and sings with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra Chorus. She loves grandchildren, and both dogs and cats, spending much free time with all of them. Any extra time is spent volunteering at a variety of non-profit organizations and caring for two adult disabled siblings.

DKG 2013-2Meet Paralegal Denise Husa

While Denise was born in New York, she has lived in Colorado for 28 years and is proud to call Colorado her home. She has been here at the firm with her “second family” for over 5 years now and loves being a paralegal and helping people. Denise has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Metro State University.

In her free time she loves nothing more than to play with her 2 year old daughter, Braedyn. Many weekends you will find Braedyn and Denise taking their Siberian Huskies, Nakita and Wendigo for walks, playing on the playground by their home, or visiting one of the numerous children’s attractions that Colorado has to offer. The two of them are looking forward to many years of hiking and spending time at the zoo.

PVG 2013-2Meet Business and Marketing Manager Peter Van Gulick

Peter comes to our firm to handle the Marketing and Business operations. He is the person who makes the appointments and greets you at the seminars and in the office.

Peter has a BA from the University of Colorado in Communications and English. He has worked in a variety of positions including Payroll Administrator, Agency Manager, Operations Manager and Business Owner. “I enjoy helping people and my new position here gives me the opportunity to help people with some of the most important decisions in their life.”

Peter handles the marketing for the firm and manages the seminars and handles the appointment booking.

When not in the office I enjoy watching both my daughters play competitive softball, fishing, target shooting and working around the house. Occasionally I even try to play golf.

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