Colorado Estate and Trust Administration

Whenever someone dies with assets that did not pass automatically to beneficiaries (such as those held in living trusts, joint tenancy, beneficiary designation, payable on death and transfer on death), probate is required.

At the law firm of JR Phillips & Associates, P.C., we are experienced in both testate (for someone who died with a valid will) and intestate (for someone who died without a will) probate. Our lawyers practice in all counties in the south Denver metro area and elsewhere in Colorado. We are also experienced in administering estates held wholly or partially in living trusts.

Our lawyers bring to the estate and probate process not only significant experience and competence, but also compassion and counseling to help families through this difficult period. From simple situations to complex technical issues, and from good family relations to bitter squabbles, we have guided many families through the legal minefield as well as the difficult personal relationship issues that may arise during the probate process.

We can represent the estate and the personal representative, as well as a specific family member, to make sure that the estate is being handled appropriately.

In addition to probate administration, we handle estate administration and trust administration, including filing of federal estate and gift tax returns and fiduciary accounting.

Attorney John Phillips has taught classes in the tax aspects of probate (fiduciary tax reporting and estate taxes) and is able to help minimize estate taxes and other tax impacts of probate.

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