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None of us like to think about mortality — for ourselves or our loved ones. However, it’s not a matter of IF one will become incapacitated or die, but WHEN. This will certainly have effects on all of your family. You want the right outcome for your loved ones when it does happen. This takes planning now, and competent, caring professional services at the time.

No one really plans to fail. However many people fail to plan. At the law firm of JR Phillips & Associates, P.C., our lawyers provide a comprehensive approach to estate planning, elder law, probate, estate administration, and legal problem solving in related areas to clients in the south Denver metro area and throughout Colorado.

Each of these areas involves complex technical legal issues as well as very emotional personal and family issues. We believe that we are somewhat unique in offering technical competence, caring and compassionate advice and counsel, and the ability to explain the options available in a way that allows you to make sound choices.

We strongly believe that it is people that are important. Whether it be dealing with a very difficult technical or emotional issue, or doing planning today to minimize future difficulties, our attorneys will bring our experience, training, and expertise to help you and your family through difficult times.

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