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How to Choose an Estate Planning Lawyer

How to Choose an Estate Planning Lawyer

When you are ready to develop an estate plan to protect your family and legacy in the future, choosing the right attorney to guide you through the process is essential. That’s because the right lawyer can make sure that you put all of the appropriate plans in place to effectively serve you and your family’s future needs.

Here’s what you can do to select the right estate planning lawyer:

  1. Do some research – If you’re reading this, then you’re likely well on your way to getting the first step out of the way. Of course, check out local attorney’s websites to look for an estate planning firm/lawyer who has extensive experience helping people develop, administer and settle wills; drafting and administering trusts; devising powers of attorney; and handling various other estate planning needs. It’s usually advisable, as well, to focus on attorneys who have devoted their practice to estate planning, rather than ones who do estate planning as part of various other practices.
  2. Ask for referrals – See who friends, colleagues and/or family members have used for estate planning, and ask if they were happy with their experience/the services provided. When getting referrals, it can also be helpful to ask about what could have been improved about the experience/services (to try to get a full picture and be aware of any possible red flags associated with a specific lawyer).
  3. Check with the state bar association – This can reveal whether a lawyer has the experience (s)he claims to possess (online or in promo materials) and whether any particular professional may have issues (like professional censures, for instance).
  4. Meet with a few options – Once you have one (or a few) choice(s) in mind, set up an initial consultation with your option(s). During this meeting, you will have the chance to get a feel for each lawyer, giving you more insight as to whether you can trust, open up to and rely on a that professional moving forward. Some questions to ask during this meeting (to get a better sense of the lawyer and whether (s)he’s the right choice for you) include (and are not limited to):
    • Will you be handling my estate planning needs (or will I be passed off to a less experienced associate?
  5. Simply call J.R. Phillips & Associates, PC – For decades, we have been providing people with personalized, high-quality estate planning legal services. Given that our entire practice is centered on estate planning, our lawyers have the skills, resources and insight you can rely on to develop a custom, comprehensive estate plan to serve your needs, as well as protect your interests, family and future.

Contact a Denver Estate Planning Attorney at JR Phillips & Associates, PC

When you are ready to develop, revise or administer an estate plan, you can turn to an experienced estate planning attorney at JR Phillips & Associates, PC. We provide a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to our clients’ estate planning, elder law and other legal needs, and we take pride in helping each of our clients and their families find the best solutions for them.

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