Colorado “Living Wills” or Advance Medical Directives

A “living will” is a legal document that allows you to tell your medical providers (and your family members) what treatment you would want to receive in the event you are in a vegetative state with no hope of recovery.

At the law firm of JR Phillips & Associates, P.C., our lawyers draft living wills for families in the south Denver metro area and throughout Colorado. We begin by asking your philosophy about end-of-life care. Your living will is intended to reflect your beliefs and desires.

Why Do I Need a Living Will?

If you are in a terminal state and are unable to communicate for yourself, would you want doctors to prolong your life by artificial means, such as feeding tubes, artificial hydration and breathing machines? Or do you only want treatment to relieve pain and suffering?

Without a living will, your family members would be left in the emotionally difficult position of trying to determine what you would have wanted. This can lead to disputes between family members that can end up in court. The legal case that often comes up when people discuss living wills is that of Terri Schiavo in Florida. If Ms. Schiavo had completed a living will expressing HER WISHES as to end-of-life care, the family could have been spared a lengthy and contentious court battle.

In some states, a living will is called an advance medical directive. In Colorado, it is called a Declaration as to Medical or Surgical Treatment. Your living will allows you to designate a person who has the authority to carry out your wishes.

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