On May 22, 2013

Going to an Estate Planning Attorney is similar to going to an auto mechanic.  If you took your car to a mechanic and he said we have this great special.  A complete automotive repair package just sign here and get 50% off our normal price, before even asking what you came in for you would think twice before entrusting your car to them. It would be a good thing if that was exactly what you needed. The rest of us would like to have the mechanic ask what the problem is, listen to us and follow up with questions so they have an understanding of what maybe wrong.

If they are trying to sell you a big trust package without taking the time to diagnose your individual situation why would you settle for that? Yes doing the complete auto repair package will fix the vehicle but if you just needed a battery you paid for things you didn’t need. A trust package can be used to fit anyone but if you only need a will, or a powers package, buying a full trust will cost you more money now and maybe more later. Finding a mechanic or attorney that will diagnose the problem, listen to your goals, will get you the best results.

Estate Planning is more about the human issues. A well designed plan starts with the human issues, address’ the tax issues and then uses the appropriate tools to accomplish your goal.  You wouldn’t do a complete repair and then run a diagnostic?  Don’t handle your Estate Plan that way either.

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