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Six Hidden Costs of Administering a Will

August 28, 2016 Posted In Will Contests

Six Hidden Costs of Administering a Will When it’s time to settle an estate and administer a will, there may be some obvious costs like court filing fees and estate taxes that will need to be covered as you proceed. Those, however, may not be the only costs, as there are common other, less obvious…

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Can My Will Help My Loved Ones Avoid Probate?

July 11, 2016 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News,Probate,Probate Litigation,Trusts,Will Contests

When wills can (and can’t) be used to avoid probate? It depends. That’s the short answer because whether (or not) a will can help your loved ones avoid probate in the future will depend on a number of different factors, only some of which include: Whether you execute a valid will Whether your will is…

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Five Red Flags That A Will May NOT Be Valid

April 12, 2016 Posted In Drafting Wills,Will Contests

Red Flags That A Will May NOT Be Valid When a loved one passes away and it’s time to settle his estate, locating and probating the will can be top priorities. Just because you may find a will following a loved one’s death, however, does not necessarily mean that the document is valid or legally…

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