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Trusts & Taxes: FAQs about Tax Obligations for Trusts & Trustees

July 15, 2016 Posted In Executors & Fiduciaries,Firm News,Trust Administration,Trustee Duties,Trustees,Trusts

Trusts & Taxes: FAQs Taxation for trusts can be complicated, as there are special rules in place for filing and paying for trust-related taxes (as opposed to personal or business taxes). Understanding the obligations and requirements for the taxes related to trusts is important to properly managing and administering trusts and to avoiding future complications,…

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Are My Trust Distributions Taxable?

January 18, 2016 Posted In Trust Administration,Trustees

A Denver trust attorney discusses when trust distributions can be taxable. It depends on the nature of the distribution, as well as when the distribution is made. More specifically, the income earned and distributed by trusts is subject to estate taxes. Whether you or the trust is responsible for paying these taxes, however, will depend…

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Four Primary Benefits of Trusts

November 25, 2015 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News,Trust Administration

A Denver estate planning attorney discusses the benefits of trusts. Trusts are estate planning tools that allow one party to transfer certain assets to another party via the oversight of a third party. Although trusts may not be right for every estate plan, they can have a number of benefits, including: Maintaining control of wealth…

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