5 Mistakes to Avoid When Estate Planning

On August 10, 2018

Planning your estate is an important undertaking, which is why you want to avoid making mistakes so as to prevent future hardships for your family after you are gone. Normally, we’d save this bit of advice for the end of the blog, but it’s too important to put it at the end. Do yourself a favor and hire a Centennial estate planning attorney to help you with your will and estate planning needs to avoid the below mentioned mistakes that…
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8 Reasons for Revisiting Your Estate Plan?

On September 27, 2017

Revisiting an estate plan every few years isn’t an option for everyone, especially those on a limited budget. But, it’s nearly impossible ignore for those with a lot of wealth, because oftentimes assets and holdings get liquidated or restructured. “Because of the way the very wealthy have structured their business interests, especially when different international jurisdictions are involved, means they’re going to consistently need to be tweaking their financial and estate plans. New laws and regulations are always popping up…
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4 Essential Documents to Prevent Estate Planning Errors

On November 30, 2016

When you are ready to put an official estate plan in place to protect yourself and your family in the future, there can be a lot to consider, even if you don’t have a sizable estate or a large family. To help you get started on the right path, the following points out the handful of documents that should form the basis of your estate plan (if you are serious about having a comprehensive, valid estate plan). This can help you…
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Colorado Probate: How to Get Started

On November 16, 2016

Probate can be a complicated process. Knowing what to expect – and what you need to do – at every step of the process, however, can help you avoid common (and possibly costly) mistakes and resolve the probate case as efficiently as possible. To this end, the following points out the important steps to take when you are ready to open up a probate case in Colorado. Although the following information is purposely general (to apply to as many readers as…
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How (& When) to Contest a Will: FAQs

On August 31, 2016

While the passing of a loved one can be painful and challenging to deal with, it may be more difficult to bear when you believe that an invalid or outdated will is being used to settle your loved one’s affairs. In these and other situations, contesting the will can be integral to ensuring your loved one’s final wishes are carried out – and that his or her legacy is protected in the right way. Providing deeper insight regarding will contests,…
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6 Hidden Costs of Administering a Will

On August 28, 2016

When it’s time to settle an estate and administer a will, there may be some obvious costs – like court filing fees and estate taxes – that will need to be covered as you proceed. Those, however, may not be the only costs, as there are common other, less obvious costs that can arise in the process. Being aware of what these costs tend to be can help you plan appropriately as you move forward to settle an estate. And…
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Probate FAQs: Answers about How to Start Colorado Probate

On July 31, 2016

Probate, the process of validating a will, can be as complicated as it may lengthy and costly. For those who have taken on the role of personal representative or executor (of a decedent’s will), understanding just how to kick off the probate process in Colorado can be central to: Efficiently administering the will Protecting the interests of the beneficiaries Not wasting time – or the resources of the estate. Shedding more light on the Colorado probate process, the following provides…
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4 Little-Known Facts about Colorado Probate

On July 27, 2016

Probate is known for being an involved, complex and, at times, costly process. There are, however, a number of aspects about Colorado probate that are less widely understood – and that are, nevertheless, still important to understand, especially for personal representatives and beneficiaries going through the process. The following presents some of these lesser-known (but still important) facts about the Colorado probate process. When you are ready for answers, advice and information about your best options for initiating and resolving…
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When Should I Start Estate Planning?

On July 24, 2016

The sooner you start the estate planning process, the better. This is because a comprehensive, current estate plan can go a long way to protecting you and your family, as well as preserving your legacy and estate. Clarifying this answer, below, we have revealed some of the most common (and costly) complications that can arise when people put off estate planning. Dangers of Putting off Estate Planning Some of the biggest dangers and problems that can arise if you delay…
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Colorado Intestacy Laws & Children: What Kids Are Entitled to When There’s No Will

On July 19, 2016

When someone passes away without leaving a valid will behind, Colorado intestacy laws will come into play when it’s time to determine which surviving loved ones will inherit the assets of the decedent’s estate. Revealing more about Colorado intestacy laws, the following points out some important facts about how these laws provide from surviving children. Please note, however, that the information below is purposefully general. When you are ready for answers and information specific to your circumstances, simply contact a…
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