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Leaving Home: Will Medicaid Still Exempt My Senior Parent’s Home? –

September 4, 2013 Posted In Firm News,Medicaid

Under the current Medicaid laws, even after you enter a nursing home, your personal residence will not be counted as part of your assets, in determining if you are eligible for Medicaid coverage of your nursing home costs. However, if you are single and if your equity interest in your home exceeds $500,000, then your…

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The Medicaid Trap

July 25, 2013 Posted In Firm News,Medicaid

You see advertising like “Avoid the Medicaid Trap”, “Protect your home and savings from Medicaid and nursing home bills”, “Protect your kids inheritance from Medicaid using our trust package” from many attorney’s promising to show you ways to keep everything from going to Long Term Care Medicaid. While there are certain assets that can be…

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