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Guide to Estate Planning for Small Business

October 16, 2018 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News

Every small business owner knows how much of themselves they have to pour into their venture to achieve success.  In many cases, the business’s success rests entirely on the back of its owner.  If you’re the owner, you probably feel like you’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your venture to make it prosper.…

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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Estate Planning

August 10, 2018 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News,Inheritances,Life Insurance,Probate

Planning your estate is an important undertaking, which is why you want to avoid making mistakes so as to prevent future hardships for your family after you are gone. Normally, we’d save this bit of advice for the end of the blog, but it’s too important to put it at the end. Do yourself a…

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How to Factor in Life Insurance into Estate Planning?

April 25, 2018 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News

A very important tool to utilize in estate planning is life insurance. Your benefactors can use it to manage some of the taxes due on your estate, pay creditors off, or just take advantage of the income in the event your income is no longer accessible. In this discussion, we’ll look at a few different…

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