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Colorado Probate: How to Get Started?

November 16, 2016 Posted In Creditors and Probate,Estate Administration,Estate Planning,Firm News,Probate

Probate can be a complicated process. Knowing what to expect – and what you need to do – at every step of the process, however, can help you avoid common (and possibly costly) mistakes and resolve the probate case as efficiently as possible. To this end, the following points out the important steps to take when…

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Six Hidden Costs of Administering a Will

August 28, 2016 Posted In Creditors and Probate,Estate Administration,Executors & Fiduciaries,Firm News,Probate,Probate Litigation,Trustees,Will Contests

Six Hidden Costs of Administering a Will When it’s time to settle an estate and administer a will, there may be some obvious costs – like court filing fees and estate taxes – that will need to be covered as you proceed. Those, however, may not be the only costs, as there are common other,…

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Debt after Death: Will My Family Have to Pay My Debts after I Pass Away?

September 30, 2015 Posted In Creditors and Probate,Firm News,Probate

This is an estate planning question that comes up a lot, particularly when people are intent on making sure their loved ones , not creditors get certain assets after they pass away. The short of it is that some debts will survive death and others won’t. In other words, survivors of a decedent can be…

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