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Estate Plans Are Not Just For The Wealthy

June 27, 2012 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News

Many Coloradans assume that if they have not acquired massive amounts of wealth, they have little need for an estate plan. But you don’t need to own a mansion, have a collection of vintage cars or even be considered wealthy to consider estate planning. Simply put, your estate is comprised of everything you own when…

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Painter Thomas Kinkade’s Handwritten Wills to Face Heavy Scrutiny

June 21, 2012 Posted In Estate Administration,Firm News

Many Colorado residents may wonder what it takes for a hand-crafted will to be considered valid. Is a will that I type up and sign in my home office good enough? What if it is handwritten? Is it valid if written under emotional duress or mental illness? These questions commonly arise in estate administration and…

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Colorado Ranch Deaths Point to Importance of Estate planning

June 14, 2012 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News

Anyone who has had the frustrating of experience of sorting out the estate of a family member who’s passed away knows the importance of telling loved ones your final wishes. Effective estate planning involving clear communication can help prevent the bitter feuds that develop among children and grandchildren after someone dies. In one recent case,…

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