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How (& When) to Contest a Will: FAQs

August 31, 2016 Posted In Estate Administration

How (& When) to Contest a Will While the passing of a loved one can be painful and challenging to deal with, it may be more difficult to bear when you believe that an invalid or outdated will is being used to settle your loved one’s affairs. In these and other situations, contesting the will…

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Six Hidden Costs of Administering a Will

August 28, 2016 Posted In Will Contests

Six Hidden Costs of Administering a Will When it’s time to settle an estate and administer a will, there may be some obvious costs like court filing fees and estate taxes that will need to be covered as you proceed. Those, however, may not be the only costs, as there are common other, less obvious…

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How to Cut Costs When Estate Planning: 5 Essential Tips

August 23, 2016 Posted In Drafting Wills,Estate Planning,Firm News,Trusts

How to Cut Costs When Estate Planning? Important to protecting yourself, your legacy and your family, estate planning can be an involved process. It does not have to be terribly expensive. Especially if you take certain steps as you get ready to dive into the process. Revealing more about these steps, the following highlights what…

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