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Estate Planning for Business Owners: An Overview

October 20, 2015 Posted In Estate Planning

Estate planning can be a complicated endeavor for anyone. For business owners, however, considering what will happen to their business after they pass away – and taking the time to think about and resolve these issues now – can be the key to putting an effective, comprehensive estate plan in place for their loved ones…

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Five Warning Signs of Breach of Fiduciary Duties

October 15, 2015 Posted In Executors & Fiduciaries

“Know the warning signs of breach of fiduciary duty so you know when to take action & hold negligent fiduciaries accountable,” notes a Denver estate & probate attorney. Fiduciaries, including personal representatives and the executors of wills, are bound to act with a certain level of care and prudence when it comes to administering a…

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FAQs about the Colorado Designated Beneficiary Act

October 10, 2015 Posted In Estate Planning,Trusts

Since 2009, the Designated Beneficiary Act (DBA) in Colorado has been allowing two unmarried people to legally endow each other with certain rights, benefits and protections regarding estate affairs and health care decisions, particularly in the event of incapacitation or an emergency situation. Because the DBA is complex and because many people may be unaware…

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