Do I Need an Ethical Will?

On November 4, 2016

As opposed to a traditional will that bequeaths assets to loved ones, an ethical will is a personal statement – not a legal document – that sets forth values or shares stories and experiences. Also commonly referred to as legacy letters, ethical wills can be invaluable for surviving loved ones following a death because these documents can: Provide explanations of why certain decisions were made or why specific actions were taken in the will (and/or as part of the overall…
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How (& When) to Contest a Will: FAQs

On August 31, 2016

While the passing of a loved one can be painful and challenging to deal with, it may be more difficult to bear when you believe that an invalid or outdated will is being used to settle your loved one’s affairs. In these and other situations, contesting the will can be integral to ensuring your loved one’s final wishes are carried out – and that his or her legacy is protected in the right way. Providing deeper insight regarding will contests,…
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6 Hidden Costs of Administering a Will

On August 28, 2016

When it’s time to settle an estate and administer a will, there may be some obvious costs – like court filing fees and estate taxes – that will need to be covered as you proceed. Those, however, may not be the only costs, as there are common other, less obvious costs that can arise in the process. Being aware of what these costs tend to be can help you plan appropriately as you move forward to settle an estate. And…
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How to Cut Costs When Estate Planning: 5 Essential Tips

On August 23, 2016

Important to protecting yourself, your legacy and your family, estate planning can be an involved process. It does not, however, have to be terribly expensive – especially if you take certain steps as you get ready to dive into the process. Revealing more about these steps, the following highlights what you can do to cut costs when developing an estate plan: Get familiar with the basics before diving in – In other words, take some time to understand what the…
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Who Should Be My Trustee?

On August 18, 2016

The answer to this question is important to consider, as your choice in trustees can have significant impacts in the future. For instance, while a good trustee can ensure that assets are distributed according to your wishes (i.e., the terms of the trust), an unethical or untrustworthy trustee may compromise the interests of your beneficiaries, may misuse the assets held by the trust or may make costly mistakes that end up having long-term impacts. So, to help you narrow down…
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How Flexible Should My Estate Plan Be?

On August 13, 2016

Building flexibility into your estate plan is important to ensure that your wishes, family and legacy are protected as life circumstances change in the future. Although ‘flexibility’ can mean different things for different estate plans, in general, some of the things that can be done to make an estate plan more flexible include: Naming ‘back-up’ executors, trustees, agents and/or personal representatives – The person or people who you choose to oversee the administration of your will, trusts and/or powers of…
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How Does Estate Planning Work?

On August 9, 2016

Estate planning is essentially the process of detailing your future wishes for yourself, your estate and your family. By taking the time now to put an effective, valid estate plan in place, you can be assured that you and your loved ones will be financially protected regardless of what tomorrow may hold. When it comes to estate planning, there are various options and devices that can be incorporated, based on your specific situation, your concerns and your wishes. To help…
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How to Choose an Estate Planning Lawyer

On August 4, 2016

When you are ready to develop an estate plan to protect your family and legacy in the future, choosing the right attorney to guide you through the process is essential. That’s because the right lawyer can make sure that you put all of the appropriate plans in place to effectively serve you and your family’s future needs. Here’s what you can do to select the right estate planning lawyer: Do some research – If you’re reading this, then you’re likely…
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Probate FAQs: Answers about How to Start Colorado Probate

On July 31, 2016

Probate, the process of validating a will, can be as complicated as it may lengthy and costly. For those who have taken on the role of personal representative or executor (of a decedent’s will), understanding just how to kick off the probate process in Colorado can be central to: Efficiently administering the will Protecting the interests of the beneficiaries Not wasting time – or the resources of the estate. Shedding more light on the Colorado probate process, the following provides…
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4 Little-Known Facts about Colorado Probate

On July 27, 2016

Probate is known for being an involved, complex and, at times, costly process. There are, however, a number of aspects about Colorado probate that are less widely understood – and that are, nevertheless, still important to understand, especially for personal representatives and beneficiaries going through the process. The following presents some of these lesser-known (but still important) facts about the Colorado probate process. When you are ready for answers, advice and information about your best options for initiating and resolving…
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