On August 15, 2015

When you are ready to retain a lawyer to help you settle an estate in probate, one of the first steps to take will be meeting with the legal professional for an initial consultation.

To get the most out of this meeting, below is some important info regarding what you should try to bring with you. We will also give some ideas about what to expect from this meeting so that you can be prepared as you move forward.

What to Bring to an Initial Consultation

Here’s what you need to know to prepare for an initial consultation with a probate lawyer, our Denver estate & probate attorneys explain.

Here’s what you need to know to prepare for an initial consultation with a probate lawyer, our Denver estate & probate attorneys explain.

Probate generally involves assessing the value of an estate, paying any and all creditors and taxes and distributing the estate assets to the appropriate beneficiaries. Given that, try to gather and bring the following with you when you are meeting with a probate lawyer for the first time:

  • The decedent’s will, if one exists and can be located
  • Documents regarding trusts and other estate planning tools
  • Official copies of the death certificate
  • The income tax returns for the decedent (preferably for the past few years, if possible)
  • Additional documents related to the decedent’s financial holdings, such as property deeds, insurance policies, retirement account statements, etc.
  • Documents related to the decedents’ financial obligations, such as mortgage documents, loan documents, etc.

What to Expect from the Meeting

  • Questions about the decedent’s estate – You should be prepared to answer some detailed, potentially sensitive questions about the decedent’s estate and situation. These will usually include questions related to finances, marital relationships, family, etc. The answers to these questions will be crucial to determining the best options for proceeding.
  • An opportunity to ask questions – While you will be asked questions, you will also have an opportunity to ask about issues or matters that are concerning or puzzling to you regarding probate and the estate settlement process. So, think ahead of time about what you want to ask and consider writing your questions down so you don’t forget them later.

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