The AARP Legal Services Network is a complimentary member benefit for AARP members and their spouses/partners and provides easy access to a large directory of attorneys. These attorneys have agreed to provide specific benefits to AARP members and their spouses/partners at discounted rates.

With proof of current AARP membership, AARP members receive a one-time free initial consultation (up to 45 minutes) either by phone or at our office. In addition, with the presentation of proof of current AARP membership, we offer a  twenty percent (20%) discount off of our already reasonable fees. Legal fees are subject to change for all clients with 90 days notice. (Naturally, direct costs, such as court costs, filing fees, appraisals, etc. are not subject to any discount for any of us.)  Proof of AARP membership is required prior to services rendered to receive the discount.

The purpose of the free initial consultation is to allow you to measure your comfort level with our firm, learn more about our areas of practice, learn more about what your options are, and ultimately, determine whether you want us to represent you.

In addition to your understanding, this initial meeting, which can take place in person or by phone, will allow us to ask pertinent questions, assess your needs, and identify the options available to you. If the consultation extends beyond 45 minutes, you may be charged for the extra time, or we may consider the additional time as a part of the subsequent representation.

In all circumstances, you are under no obligation to retain us as your attorney after the initial consultation. However, the traditional attorney-client confidentiality requirements will apply, irrespective of whether or not you retain us.

To make the most use of this time, for in-office visits, we ask that you complete a simple fact-based questionnaire before you meet with the attorney. We also suggest that you come prepared with pertinent documents, important addresses and telephone numbers, and a written history of events about your legal matter.

We will offer to each AARP member who seeks to retain us, a written estimate (for flat-fee work such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc. ) or a fee agreement (for hourly-based work such as probate, trust administration, ongoing legal representation, etc.) prior to initiating any legal services for you. This will allow you to understand your costs and obligations before you make any commitments.