4 Essential Estate Planning Tips for Those Under 35

On February 29, 2016

Getting your finances in order can be essential to being prepared for life’s changes. While building savings and retirement accounts can be part of this process, so too is estate planning. For those who are under 35 and who may just be starting to focus on their financial futures, the following are some important estate planning tips to help them dive into the process: Start with the basics – At the most basic level, an estate plan should include a…
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Estate Planning 101: How to Disinherit a Beneficiary

On February 24, 2016

While estate planning is about preserving legacies and protecting loved ones, it can also involve planning to specifically disinherit certain people. While there may be any number of reasons to disinherit certain parties (e.g., divorce or other fallings out), just how to go about disinheriting them will depend on the nature of their relationship to the grantor (i.e., the person who has developed the estate plan). Disinheritance Strategies for Different Beneficiaries For spouses – Disinheriting a spouse (i.e., someone to…
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How to Start Estate Planning: 7 Steps

On February 18, 2016

Estate planning can be the key to preserving your legacy and protecting your loved ones in the future. Although there can be a lot to think about when it’s time to put a formal estate plan in place, the following are the main considerations and steps to take when you are ready to develop an estate plan: Create an overview of your financial situation – This involves developing an inventory of your assets and/or debts to devise a portrait of…
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Estate Planning 101: How to Pick the Right Trust

On February 12, 2016

Selecting a trust can be an important part of the estate planning process. Given that there are a number of different trusts to choose from, however, knowing which type of trust is the best choice can be confusing, especially for those who have never been involved in estate planning before. To help guide you in this process, below are some specific issues to consider as you think about the right type(s) of trust(s) to include in your estate plan. While…
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3 Reasons to Be Weary of Online DIY Trusts

On February 6, 2016

The internet puts a world of information and opportunities for action at our fingertips. In the estate planning realm, this can mean that internet users may be able to develop trusts (and other estate planning documents) online. While these online, do-it-yourself (DIY) legal services may seem appealing – in terms of cost and the ease of getting the task completed, however, there can be some big risks involved. And understanding what these risks are can help you make the right…
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