Debt after Death: Will My Family Have to Pay My Debts after I Pass Away?

On September 30, 2015

This is an estate planning question that comes up a lot, particularly when people are intent on making sure their loved ones – and not creditors – get certain assets after they pass away. The short of it is that some debts will survive death and others won’t. In other words, survivors of a decedent can be on the hook for the repayment of certain debts, depending on the nature of the debt and the estate plan in place. We’ll…
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4 Estate Planning Basics: What Everyone Should Know When Developing an Estate Plan

On September 25, 2015

Estate planning is not just about figuring out what will happen to your assets after you pass. It’s also about setting up protections for you and your loved ones. In fact, a comprehensive, effective estate plan can save a significant amount of stress, grief and money in the future. So, as you get started developing an estate plan, think about the basics below. Then, contact us for help taking the next steps to formalize your plan so that you can…
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Trust Administration FAQs: Important Answers for Trustees & Beneficiaries

On September 20, 2015

While administering a trust can be an honor, it’s also an important responsibility for the people who choose to accept the role of trustee. That’s because trustees agree to be impartial in this position, advancing the interests of the trust and beneficiaries regardless of their own interests. While this may seem like a daunting role to assume, however, understanding what is expected and your role as a fiduciary can be pivotal to successfully administering a trust. This is also important…
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4 Helpful Tips for Executors & Personal Representatives Who Are Settling an Estate

On September 15, 2015

The process of settling an estate can be long, complicated and, at times, contentious. While there can be a lot to do to settle an estate in the months following the death of a loved one, however, keeping the following important tips in mind can help those in charge – namely, executors and personal representatives: Properly administer estates Minimize the liability they face when doing so Settle estates as efficiently as possible. Important Info for Executors & Personal Representatives Tip…
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3 Estate Planning Myths Debunked

On September 10, 2015

Estate planning can be a mystery to those who have yet to go through the process. In fact, certain myths about estate planning may actually misguide people into putting off this necessary effort for too long. To set the facts about the estate planning process straight – and to underscore why it is so important for people to develop an estate plan as soon as they can, below, we will present the truth behind some common misconceptions about estate planning….
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How to Start Colorado Probate without a Will

On September 5, 2015

When a loved one has passed away without leaving behind a will (or a valid will) and the decedent’s estate was valued over a certain amount, formal probate will generally need to be opened to settle the estate. Although there can be a lot to do in probate, below, we will point out the fundamental steps that usually need to be taken to initiate formal probate in Colorado when there is no will for an estate. 4 Steps to Opening…
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