How to Locate a Will: Where to Look & Other Helpful Tips

On August 31, 2015

After a loved one passes away, finding his or her will is going to be essential. This is because the will is central to initiating the probate process and settling an estate. While finding a will may sound – or actually be – straightforward in some cases, in others, it can be much more of a challenge, especially if it’s been some time since the will was devised. To assist loved ones or executors in these instances, below, we’ll point…
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Pros & Cons of Living Trusts: What You Should Know

On August 27, 2015

Living trusts can be powerful estate planning tools that can offer a lot of benefits to trustmakers (or grantors), as well as their beneficiaries. However, living trusts are not for everyone, as there may be some drawbacks to developing them in some cases. Below, we’ll explore the pros and cons of living trusts more closely. When you need help determining if a living trust is right for you – or you want experienced assistance devising the best estate planning solutions…
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5 Types of Claims that Can Be Made against an Estate in Colorado Probate

On August 23, 2015

When probating an estate, one of the key steps that will need to be completed before the assets can be distributed to beneficiaries is satisfying all legitimate claims against the estate. The term “claim” can be broad and may include a number of different types of outstanding debts, depending on the specifics of an estate. Below is an overview of the most common types of claims that can arise for an estate during the probate process. Keep in mind, however,…
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Your Go-To Estate Planning Glossary: Key Estate Planning Terms Defined

On August 19, 2015

Estate planning and probate can be involved processes. For those who are just getting started with either of them, knowing some fundamental terms can be a good place to start, as it can begin to familiarize people with the key terms they will likely be hearing and needing to understand as they move forward. To this end, below is a helpful glossary to reference as you prepare to start the estate planning or probate process. When you need experienced help…
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An Initial Consult with a Probate Attorney: What to Bring & What to Expect

On August 15, 2015

When you are ready to retain a lawyer to help you settle an estate in probate, one of the first steps to take will be meeting with the legal professional for an initial consultation. To get the most out of this meeting, below is some important info regarding what you should try to bring with you. We will also give some ideas about what to expect from this meeting so that you can be prepared as you move forward. What…
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4 Costly Probate Mistakes to Avoid

On August 10, 2015

Although probate can be a lengthy, involved process, making mistakes during it can end up complicating it further, potentially increasing both the duration and costs of the process. For personal representatives, it can also mean that they are held personally liable for their mistakes, as they could be sued, depending on the nature of the mistake. To help you avoid such complications and unnecessary costs, below, we will point out some common mistakes to avoid making when you are a…
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What Will Probate Cost Me in Colorado?

On August 5, 2015

The costs of probate will vary from situation to situation, depending on various specific details of an estate. In general, however, some of the factors that can affect the costs of probate in Colorado include (but may not be limited to): The size of the estate – Smaller (i.e., less valuable) estates can typically pass through probate more quickly, and they may even be able to be informally probated. This typically makes probate cheaper to get through. Whether the decedent…
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