Estate planning documents that many can use

On April 25, 2014

Colorado individuals may exercise more control over their assets and other arrangements when they take a proactive step by establishing an estate plan. This often consists of several documents that work together to provide greater control over the person’s estate, finances and health. Estate planning commonly starts with a last will and testament. This document allows a person to make important decisions regarding the disposition of their property. It also allows individuals to make provisions about what they prefer to…
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Taking time out for estate planning is worth the effort

On April 16, 2014

Colorado residents may be interested in an article discussing the importance of estate planning. Though it is easy to put off, the enormous financial and personal benefits can be worth the effort. There are many barriers to creating a proper estate plan, particularly for busy small business owners and executives. Often, there is a long questionnaire provided by the attorney. This can be a discouraging first step that often leads to procrastination. If the person has a financial planner, however,…
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Leaving the Colorado family fortune well-attended

On April 10, 2014

As wealth increases for families in Colorado, caring for loved ones becomes an inevitable concern when it comes to passing on the family fortune. Trust administration is one way to ensure assets are left to beneficiaries in a productive and manageable way. The temptations of wealth have proven to get the best of most people when faced with the responsibility of sudden high net worth. Wastefulness may occur, turning once cherished heirs into lazy, listless individuals. Worse, there could be…
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Income tax focused on estate planning

On April 1, 2014

Estate planners in Colorado, as well as nationwide, are trying to find effective solutions to cope with newly imposed income tax rates. Regardless of the amount of the wealth in question, most U.S. residents are concerned about the raised rates and want ways to alleviate them. Creating a trust is typically associated with substantial wealth. Various types of trusts are established to protect the members of the family, remaining assets or items of sentimental value. Grantor and simple trusts are…
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