The Estate Planning Puzzle

On November 27, 2013

Think of your Estate Planning like a puzzle. Some of us have 100 piece puzzles and others have the 5,000 piece puzzle. Many people come to our seminars and office focused on either tax savings or probate avoidance. Both can be important pieces of the Estate Planning puzzle but for a large majority of clients the human dimension is the driving factor. How much easier is a puzzle once you have all the edge pieces in place? Getting a vision…
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Woman who killed children can’t benefit from their estate

On November 14, 2013

Colorado residents may be interested in the recent ruling in a New York case involving a mentally unstable mother who had been accused of killing her own children and was now attempting to share in their estates. A Nassau County Surrogate’s Court judge recently ruled that the woman could not receive any of the estates even though she was not convicted of a crime. The incident occurred in 2008 when the 33-year-old woman allegedly slashed the throat of her 6-year-old…
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Jackson estate sued

On November 7, 2013

Colorado residents may have heard that Quincy Jones is filing a lawsuit against the estate of the late Michael Jackson. Jones claims that the estate owes him production fees and royalties for many of Jackson’s hits. According to the Jackson Estate, Jones worked with the pop singer for 35 years, and the man helped produce Jackson’s solo albums, “Thriller,” “Bad” and “Off the Wall.” The statement also asserts that Jones has been appropriately compensated for all of his efforts. Jones…
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