It’s never too early to protect your estate from future fraud

On November 28, 2012

Are you in control of your own finances? If you’re relatively young and in good health, the answer is probably yes. But unless you have the power to predict the future, just having a handle on your present financial life isn’t good enough. If you suddenly become incapacitated, you’ll be reliant on someone else to handle your affairs, and you may not have the ability to choose who that person is. When people grow old to the point that they…
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Same-sex couples in Colorado have special estate considerations

On November 14, 2012

A recent poll of randomly selected households across Colorado found that the majority of the state’s residents support some form of legal recognition of same-sex relationships, either through marriage or civil unions. Residents over 65 were less likely than younger Coloradans to support gay marriage, but almost half support civil unions. Voters under 34 were the most supportive of same-sex marriage, at 40 percent. Why do these opinions matter? Because in Colorado, voters have a say in the rights of…
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Wills can include both physical and intellectual property

On November 7, 2012

If you’re a painter, writer or other type of creative artist, you probably have a few unfinished projects lying around. Some may be works in progress, while others could be castoffs that you decided not to finish because you ran out of inspiration or money. You may choose to keep these unfinished works, either because you can’t bear to destroy it or hope it will contribute to a future project. Whatever the case, they are your personal property, in more…
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